I proposed these ads to a software company that's developing new methods of publishing magazines on tablets.

These displays are modular, so the panel on the right can be swapped out to deliver different messages at different shows. I wrote the copy and consulted on the design.

This web-only brochure saved printing costs and the need to cut or stretch content.

This brochure includes industry-focused inserts that tailor its messaging to specific clients.

This case history shows how an accounting company made a dental practice smile.

This flyer explains the big idea behind a new technology for monetizing online video.

Follow-up is everything to sales, and this post-show email helped build good contacts into great leads.

This email tells manufacturers how thier accounts payable can run as smoothly as an assembly line.

This email offers restaurateurs a choice between focusing on food or struggling with accounts payable.

This comparison calculator shows clients what they can save by switching accounts payable processes.

[These examples are confidential.]

I have written or led more than 1,200 sales proposals targeting federal, municipal and commercial clients for firms in the engineering, construction, legal services, accounting and call center fields. I’ve helped these firms win public projects from the US military and Southern California cities and school districts, as well as confidential projects from Fortune 1000 firms in technology, finance, pharmaceuticals and other fields.

[These examples are confidential.]

I have developed dozens of sales presentations, some as stand-alone qualifications packages, some in combination with a sales proposal to support the interview stage of the RFP response process, and some as stand-alone documents for sales staff to present to potential clients.

I wrote copy and advised on graphic design for these sites. For the software company, I added language that targeted different user groups. For the accounting company, I cut down overgrown copy to make their core message easier to grasp.

How applying best practices to accounts payable can save money for clients.

How offshore companies can telemarket to U.S. consumers.

How to measure the impact of customer dissatisfaction and turn it around.

I worked with experts to edit this database programming guide to Y2K solutions.

This article celebrates the 40-year history of the Altas rocket program with archival photos, interviews and a list of launches.

Written for a software client, this article explains why they are based in Los Angeles instead of Silicon Valley.

A charity strews nine-foot tall fiberglass angels across Los Angeles? Your reporter was on the case.

I turn complex ideas into memorable slogans. For examples, click above.

For the last six years, I have been lead copywriter on my partner's 
Lunar New Year cards. The writers and editors we send them to seem to 
like them. For examples, particularly Year of the Rat, click above.

Most online videos do nothing for their creators. I co-invented a player that changes that by enabling sales, donations and lead generation inside the player frame and across the web.

I made learning science fun, and funny, with scripts for these award-winning games, which were produced by Microsoft Home and based on the Scholastic, Inc., books and TV series.

Outsourcing to the Philippines was new when I wrote and produced these videos for eTelecare Global Solutions. Shot in the U.S. and the Philippines with local crews, the videos showed that eTelecare delivered measurable quality and lower overall costs.

The first ever meeting between Yosemite Sam and Marvin the Martian? I wrote that. I also wrote for Dexter's Laboratory comics, and co-wrote stories about a gang of incompetent super-villains and a secret agent guppy.

I can fit your business plan on a t-shirt.

I can also turn your t-shirt into a sales proposal, pitch or video. 

I have more than a decade of experience creating content and marketing materials for clients in the software, back office and entertainment industries, including Boeing, the Los Angeles Times, ADP, Stream Global Services, Star Labs and DC Comics. 

Whether you need new ideas or new work on current campaigns, I'm ready to surpass your expectations, on paper and online.